Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombers

Like most of America I have been watching the news keeping up to date about the Boston Marathon tragedy.  Last night the 19 year old suspect was captured.  There was a picture of him lying on the ground, bloody with what appeared to be oxygen and breathing tubes on his face & mouth. He had been hiding in a boat and from what I understood had been bleeding for over 20 hours. As a mother I had to ask myself what would drive this teenage young man to commit such a horrible crime?  Looking at this picture was a realization for me that he is merely a teenager.  It makes me so sad to watch the news and hear about all of these young kids committing these heinus crimes.  I just don't understand what is going through their minds to make them snap.  As parents we spend a life time teaching our kids right from wrong and doing our best to guide them in the right direction. Of course I don't think any parent was blessed with a manual on "How To Be A Perfect Parent" but we do our best!!  I saw this boys father on the news.  I almost felt sorry for him.  He insisted that his son was an "angel" and could not have committed this crime and strongly believed his son's were "set up".   I would imagine that was his unconditional love that we have as parents speaking, not to mention a strong dose of  DENIAL!  What both his son's did was unforgivable.  The victims didn't do anything to deserve this.  I felt so sad when I heard of the young boy from here in the Bay Area who is still in the hospital, the small child who died and the 26 year old officer who was killed in the shoot out and of course all of the other vicitims.  It brings tears to my eyes. I can't even imagine nor do I want to. What did these victims do to these young men to deserve this?! What did America do to these young men to deserve this?!   They came to America looking for a better life which is exactly what they received!  They were given a better life here in America,  an education that my kids dream of and a citizenship.  And what do they do?! They run out and kill people. Pretty darn ungrateful if you ask me.  I'm not sure if this young man will survive.  I dread turning on the news to find out but I hope and pray that if he survives, he will enlighten America with his justification & excuses of what gave him the right to kill and injure innocent people.  And I pray that justice will be served for the sake of these poor innocent vicitims and the city of Boston and the entire country.  I'm proud to be an American and I'm thankful everyday for the freedom & the great life being an American provides.  I'm not a millionaire ,I wish I was,  I'm not famous, I wish I was, I'm not alot of things I wish I was & I don't have many of the things I wish I had  but I'm grateful.  Life is good......America is good!!! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kim K Needs a VaCa

My boyfriend & I enjoy watching the reality show Kim & Courtney Take Miami every week.  I find it rather amusing to watch these characters portray a realistic life.  Kim Kardashian is a whiny, self centered, selfish woman who has become famous for doing NOTHING.  I have to hand it to her, though, she's become extremely rich doing it.  You go girl!!!  I'd love her life for a day. Maybe Kris Jenner will take me on as a client.  If anyone has Kris's number let me know.  I'd like to give her a call.  My life would make an amazing reality TV Show!!!  Plus I love travelling!   A couple of weeks ago either Kim or Courtney were whining because they needed a "VACA".  Are you serious?! I couldn't stop laughing!!!  Isn't their entire life a "VACA"?  They get to travel the world with their families, seeing new places, enjoying life, eating at fancy restaurants, buying new cars, going to great clubs, staying at great resorts, big houses, etc ......And getting paid for it.  I think most of us in America would love their job for a day.  I could use a "VACA". 

I enjoy watching Scott.  I know most people don't like him but I actually feel sorry for the guy & I like him. The importance of his role in the family unit  is 3 decimals to the left of the decimal point.  This poor guy is nothing but Courtney's "bitch".  Don't get me wrong.  I really like Courtney.  I think she's a great mom and to tell you the truth, I think she really loves Scott, she's just caught up in this train wreck of a money hungry family. Not long ago, the show was based around Scott going out & getting loaded.  He was being very mysterious so Kim, the loving sister that she is, switched hats from being a diva & became a Private Detective.  She had Scott followed.  Of course her heart was in the right place. This was in no way an invasion of Scott's privacy.  She was simply looking out for Scott and Courtney.  Kim is so noble! Anyway Courtney found out.  She was furious.  She threw all of Kim's clothes over the terrace (Kim damn near had a heart attack!!!  After all, in her words, those clothes were designer), and she threw Kim out.  Of course when Scott found out, he too was furious.  I have yet to find out what Kim discovered about Scott.  The show ended with Kim calling Courtney to pick her up because she was sick & revealed she was pregant.  Poor Kim.  Then there was a reveal about the pregnancy to Scott.  All was forgiven.  The packers arrived and the cast flew home.  This is real life?...Because this isn't happening in my reality. 

A few days ago I was standing in line at the grocery store.  I happened to look over and saw a picture of Pregnant Kim on the cover of a magazine.  She was wearing this white, fluffy dress. I wasn't sure if those were watermelons stuffed in her dress or her breasts. Jeepers! The tag line read that Kim was mad because she was being called fat.  My suggestion to all you readers is run to the grocery store & pick up that tabloid.  It's the one of Kim wearing some get up that makes her look like she's dressed up to go to a Renaissance Fair.  The only thing missing is Kim holding a Turkey drumstick.  But I'm sure it's missing because she ate it. She's pregnant after all.  She's eating for 2!!! You decide if she looks fat. I'm keeping my opinion to myself. 

Well that's all for now.  I have to get to work to earn enough money for my "VACA".  At the rate I'm going, I'll have enough money for a Kardashian "VACA" in the year 2020!  Have a great day!!!  Be Grateful and say Thank You!!!!!  Life is Good!!!  It's even better on Sunday's when we get to tune in to see the Kardashian's!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aging....What Is It Good For?!

I woke up this morning & my back was bothering me, I had a headache and to tell you the truth, I didn't feel up to par.  I've been reading the book "The Magic" and trying to implement the daily readings of gratefullness in to my life.  Today's reading was Health.  Thought for today was to focus on a time in your life when you felt like you were on top of the world.  Being the diligent student that I am, I closed my eyes & reflected on a time in my life when I felt like a million bucks. Hence, that memory was when I was in my 20's & 30's.  I recently turned 47. Just the sound of that number is enough to send shivers up and down my spine so I tell people I'm 23 1/2......times 2 of course.  It just sounds so much better.  It always behooves me how as women age we become undesirable but as men age they become "distinguished".  Really?!Are you kidding me: If any of you women are like me, you've tried everything out there to look young. I look pretty good for being 23 1/2 x 2. I work out every day, take care of my body, but like many women, I've tried a number of things to look 23 again.  I'm no stranger to Botox, Juverderm, Hair Color, not to mention all the "miracle" face products out there.....Rodan & Fields (a crock of crap) and I'm currently using a product by Obage. I think it works! I'm not sure though, since I find myself reacquainting myself to that stranger standing in front of the mirror every morning.  But just for today...I'm giving Obage my best shot. I'm also no stranger to the mishaps that go along with Botox, Juverderm, face products, etc but that's a whole other story. Yowza & it's a good one!  I think women age faster than men because our lives are just so much harder.  I don't mean that facetiously & I'm not discrediting the hardships of being a man but it's true.  As women, we are wives, girlfriends, moms, single moms, volunteers, employees, counselors...You name it.  We're anything we have to be while carrying the weight of all our dilemmas on our shoulders.  We are tough as nails but it's tough being a woman.  We have so many responsibilities.  I received an email yesterday from the Oprah Winfree website.  It was to enter to win a free trip to New York along with a free makeover.  I immediately entered the contest. Of course my chances of winning are probably 1 in a billion but you never know until you try.  I could use a makeover and a trip to New York to see the lovely Miss Oprah!!! 

Aging.....What is it good for?  I'll tell you what it's good for..........Nothing!!!!!  My goal for today is to find the Fountain of Youth and go swimming in it. What the heck.  The sun is shining in San Francisco today. I have my bikini ready, my sunscreen, a towel, my handy dandy ghetto blaster w/my beloved KC & the Sunshine band CD ready to rock & roll! I just need the directions on how to get to THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! I hope I can find directions on Mapquest because I need a bath....... A FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH BATH!!!!!! Have a great day all you 47 year old sexy hot mama's!!!! We may be 47 but we have life experiences under our belt, we're tough, we're strong & we're a force to be reckoned with!!!  We are Great Ladies so eat your heart out all you 23 year old babies!!!!